Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All 3 in one day!

Yes, I actually found all 3 of these at the same flea market, same day, different sellers. What amused me the most, is that none of them even knew what they really were used for!!! LOL. They were all older than me! Anyhow, for the youngsters out there, these "tongs" (as the sellers called them) are actually canning jar lifters, for lifting hot jars out of a canner. Yep, I've been canning for decades, I find it quite fun, relaxing, & best of all, very tasty, *&* healthier than store bought!

More Vintage Kitchen!

An assortment of items... Aaaand, not only do they get hung on the wall as decorative antique / vintage kitchen items, they are also used on a regular basis!

Vintage "Cream Whippit"!

Anyone who has seen my regular or camp kitchens, knows that I've always collected vintage / antique kitchen tools & gadgets. This is the 1st one I've ever seen of this particular item! It's an Ekco brand, made in USA "Cream Whippit"!!!
I love it!

I *Love* freshly grated Parmesan!

Found this little grater at the same flea market, new in the box! I hate the adulterated stuff in a shake bottle that the sellers claim to be Parmesan! There's just nothing like the real Parmesan cheese!

For the Camp Kitchen!

Found this very nice little "Made in Italy" juicer / pitcher at a flea market! Perfect size, & looks brand new!