Saturday, January 18, 2014

Spiced Apple Butter (Crock Pot) » A Full Measure of Happiness

I've got several crock pots / slow cookers, so I'll give it a try one day!

~Karen~ *Colorado*
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Aaaaaand, here's the "New Kid"... :-D

1965 Ford 2T truck, one owner, always stored inside, has 39K original miles, with only 20k on the engine, as they decided to put a larger engine in a couple decades after they had bought it. It's actually much nicer in person than in the picture! Has a winch & lift gate, & the side lower boxes are now off of it, & those side rails will either be moved up front or taken off.

Remember that Suburban in the snow?

Here's what's left of it...loaded up, & ready to head off to the scrapyard.
Kept loads of parts off of it, incl. the engine & trans, rims/tires, bumpers, etc.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Compact bathroom! :-D

I'd love to find one of these.....

Actually, I do know where one is parked...been there forever, but he's not ready to let it go quite yet.

Nice drifts...

08 Jana 2014 - Storms are over

That Suburban over on the far left was one that we bought, & drove over from MO to part out. Got back with it just a couple hours before the snow flew! Nice, big old boat! Then the Town Car (going up for sale), then the motorhome, "My Blue Heaven" van in the tractor barn, my daily driver (Blue II) the F150, Olly the tractor...

How's this for a unique trailer?

I'm afraid it would be stripped out pretty quickly, depending upon where it was kept parked.

05 Jan 2014 DINNER !!!

Cold, snowy, windy winter days call for homemade taco meat, loaded with onions & garlic!

Out the back deck...

Still snowing, & bitter cold...heavy winds.

05 Jan 2014

Southern IL., SE of St. Louis... Early morning. Not a soul out & about...