Sunday, January 27, 2013

About that blue on blue van

It's a 1989 Ford Econoline 1/2T, with a fuel injected 302. Has new engine (2K), very good tires, & ready to go camping!
$1,800 or make an offer!
Yep, it runs & rides GREAT! We drove it back & forth for a week to test it out, love it!

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The rear sofa bed

Curbside door

That's a little frig behind the driver's seat.

Interior driver's side

Rear view

Passenger side

We also sell previously loved vehicles! :)

This one came in, we bought it for resale. Sad story... The man who owned it had retired, was in the process of redoing this van, it has an engine with only 2K miles on it, he had a major stroke, & can no longer drive.
It's beautiful inside!


This Mercedes came in for tires...
The headlights each have a tiny wiper & washer spray! Gave me a good chuckle that day!

This was our "torch car"...

It rolled over the scales... Lovely paint job came with it... Sadly, it croaked it got mashed & dropped into the big trailer...

The previous torch car was a little Geo Tracker... It ran... Kinda... Had no glass in it, which was good for the bottles in the back end...will find a pic of it sometime.

After this minivan went...we now use an old can hear it coming from quite a distance, the rods are knocking so badly! LOL

Hmmm, they came for a tire.....

Perhaps they'll get a rear window next...

There's Brent & Erik...

They've been clearing a place for that engine to be lowered down.

Here's why!

We've taken over the Parts division of a large scrap yard / metal recycling place in southern IL. We help out & poke around all over tho. It's great fun! Here's Erik surveying some parts.

Wow! It's been ages!

We've been so busy, we're worn out after a long day! Here's my Lady, little Zoe, & Erik on the sofa, relaxing. I'll have to try & catch up on here a bit!