Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful Day!

There's li'l BlueBelle, (1961 Jeep cj5) with Blue II ('97 F150 ext cab 4wd) behind her, & off to her side, you can see a bit of Frosty, the latest addition to the "fleet"... A 2000 Chevy 1T 4wd pickup.

Thursday, January 12, 2012 "little guy"...

He's a 4 pointer... 8 to the "eastern" folks... He's a small one around here, so he was standing off to the side of BlueBelle, waiting a turn.

Hi there! Got leftovers???

LOL, they *Love* to clean up the leftovers that the birds, squirrels, & chipmunks leave behind!

Erik in garage.....

.....The first buck stops to watch him.

About a dozen *Big* Boys came to visit today...

Was quite amusing... Our neighbors are in AZ for a vacation... He texted me this morning all worried he had forgotten to switch his inverter to automatic.

Sooo, Erik went out to get the atv to run up there to check on it. He went outside to find a whole herd of around a dozen big bucks meandering down our way...

You'll see a couple more pics in a minute...